nobody starts from scratch

With 100+ years of experience, we connect artists to strategic research, partnerships and design.

We provide services to artists and the estates of artists in furthering their legacy through a thoughtful and effective studio and inventory management, organization and active use of their archive, and the promotion of their art and ideas through strong partnerships, research-based digital presence, and strategic planning.

Whether our client is emerging, established or an artist’s estate, we aim to provide full management associated with all aspects of the artist’s career. This includes strategic planning, promotion and marketing, agreements and contracts, licensing, inventory management, assistance with appraisals, legacy and estate planning, overseeing and development of catalogue raisonné projects, and the collection, preservation, and placement of the artist’s archives.

Our team brings together first-hand knowledge and more than 10 decades of accumulated experience in the curatorial, archival, academic, performance arts, publishing, and market fields. We believe in empowering artists by representing their interests and stewarding their legacies with integrity, empathy and imagination.