Artist Estate Studio LLC


We provide services to artists and the estates of artists in the management and cataloguing of their art and the promotion of their legacy.

Whether our client is emerging, established or an artist's estate, we aim to provide full management associated with all aspects of the artist’s career. This includes promotion and marketing, agreements and contracts, licensing, inventory management, assistance with appraisals, overseeing and development of catalogue raisonné projects, and the collection and preservation of the artist’s archives.

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Promotion and Marketing:

  • Research and compilation of up-to-date Curriculum Vitae for THE ARTIST.
  • Develop and maintain an aggressive and competitive marketing strategy for the active promotion and marketing of the work of THE ARTIST. Oversee planning, organizing, presenting and marking of all exhibitions related to the work of THE ARTIST.
  • Oversee all sales related to the work of THE ARTIST and develop a strategic plan for the placement of works in prominent private and public institutions.
  • Develop a strategic plan for marketing THE ARTIST to an international audience.
  • Development, launch, and maintenance of a website which will be the singular source for all things related to the life and work of THE ARTIST.

Public Liaison:

  • Liaise with galleries, historians, collectors and museums in relationship to the work of THE ARTIST.
  • Develop and maintain and active list of galleries, collectors and museum interested in the work of THE ARTIST. Which will include an up-to-date contact list.
  • Develop and maintain existing relationships with galleries, collector and museums and seek out new partnership in relationship to presenting, preserving and promoting the work of THE ARTIST.
  • Correspondence, phone calls, e-mails, bills, daily errands, etc related to presenting, preserving and promoting the work of THE ARTIST.
  • Maintain a physical representation and spokesperson on behalf of THE ARTIST.

Inventory Management:

  • Continual and ongoing research and assessment of all art works by THE ARTIST. This involves researching and recording all unique paintings, works on paper, and multiples.
  • The strategize, development, and maintain an active inventory of works that also functions as a catalogue raisonné.
  • Oversee all consignments, transports and shipping of works by THE ARTIST and update inventory and insurance records as needed.

Catalogue Raisonné Project:

  • Oversee the research, development and execution of an online catalogue raisonné of unique works by THE ARTIST.


  • Oversee the compiling, cataloguing and research of letters, journals and miscellaneous ephemera related to THE ARTIST.